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Be a Part of History

TOSA - Nora Patterson



Dear Monroe Students and Families,

I am happy to share with you a relevant and timely series of activities for advanced learners and any students who are interested in participating.

Anna Benton-Williams, our SRCS Advanced Learner Teacher on Special Assignment, has put together a format for students to reflect and observe what is happening around us during the COVID 19 pandemic that one might not necessarily think or talk about. The end product is very exciting; an anthology of student reflections that will be housed in the Sonoma County Library Archives.

I've set up a Google Classroom to support students who want to do this project. Each lesson will be posted as an assignment. You will be able to share your work there, and I will provide feedback. We will assist students and families with completing the Sonoma County Library application for inclusion in the anthology when the project is finished.

Students, please send an email to from your school Gmail account, and I will invite you to join our classroom.

You are also welcome to complete the project on your own, and I will include each lesson here on this web page.

Wishing you all the best,

​Nora Patterson

Teacher on Special Assignment

James Monroe Elementary School


Chronicling Change

lesson one - english

Lesson One

Lesson two - english

Lesson Two

Lesson Three - English

Lesson Three - English

Registrando los cambios: observaciones durante el PANDÉMICO del 2020

Registrando Los Cambios

Lección Uno - Español

LecciÓn uno

Lección Dos - Español

Lección Dos

Lección Tres - Español

Lección Tres - Español